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FreeJet TX Direct to Garment Printer

FreeJet Product Overview

FreeJet 320 Product Tour

Unique WetCap
Cleaning System

Auto Adjustable
Height Adjustment
Advanced Control
WetCap System Auto Adjustable Height Adjustment Advancec Control Functions
Our unique WetCap
System is fully integrated
to the printers cleaning system. The WetCap system keeps the print head clean and prevents drying of the ink channels while printer is idle.
Infrared Laser allows the
automatic adjustment of
the Product Height. Laser
also protects the print
head from running across
any items, keeping
the print head like new!
Take full control of The FreeJet 320 direct from the integrated control panel. Functions Include
Auto Cleaning, Step and
Repeat, Print Head
Manager, Micro
Movements and more!

Advanced Air Tight Bulk Ink System  
Freejet 320 inks

Unique to the OmniPrint FreeJet line of printers, the air tight ink system allows the benefits of controlled ink flow of cartridges and cost reducing benefits of bulk ink systems.

The patent pending WetCap system keeps the print head clean and ready to print.

Advanced fire-wire and 2 way printer communications allows you to take control of the FreeJet 320 functions direct within the software!

FREEJET Say yes to more jobs with the versatility of the FreeJet 320 TX. Print light and dark shirts, canvas bags, bibs, towels, and much more, all with one easy to use direct to garment printer!

The OmniPrint FreeJet 320 TX direct to garment prints amazing color images with great wash fastness on both light and dark garments.
The FreeJet 320 TX is extremely versatile, print on a variety of textile goods ranging from T-shirts to canvas bags, jeans to sweatshirts and much, much more! Print custom and limited edition T-shirts. Personalize jeans, hats, and sweatshirts. Create line samples as well as small to mid size production runs.

The OmniPrint FreeJet320 TX is a great unit to add to your current embroidery or screen print shop, or to a new start up business!

Specifications: Samples:

Printing Method Piezo InkJet
Printable area Super A3( 13 in x 19 in )
Dimension 22.6 in x 35.5 in x 17.7 in ( W X L X H )
Weight 110 lb
Printing Speed App 9.4 PPM with Black text (A4)
Maximun Thickness 4.75 in
Maximum Weight 66 lb
Interface IEEE 1284 Parallel, USB
Resolution 2880 X 720 DPI
Ink 6 Colors (C, M, Y, K, LC, LM; Mild Solvent)
Ink supply system 200ml ink tank system
Power supply AC 110 - 220V +/- 10% 60/50Hz, 25W
Operating System Windows 95, 98,ME,NT,2000,XP, MAC (only USB)
Surroundings Temp: 10-35° Humidity 20-80%

Customized Jeans
Custom Bags Custom Shoes
Custom Shirt  


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