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Fast T-Jet!

The Fast T-Jet line of Inkjet-to-Garment printers are some of the most robust in the industry. These printers have revolutionized the garment printing industry and can do the same for your business or organization! With incredibly fast print speeds, large print beds, and the bright whites in the industry, these printers will make an amazing addition to any garment printing business!

T-Jet printers can print shirts in under 1 minute!       T-Jets can print on almost ANYTHING!

T-Jet printers can print on almost anything! From T-shirts and towels, to hats and bags. They will also print on non-textiles, such as Tiles, Wood, Plastics and even Golf Balls! The possibilities are endless!

Fast T-Jets come in several sizes, with one to fit any budget or business need! From the Fast T-Jet 3 (30-70 shirts per hour) to the Amazing Fast T-Jet Pro HV (150-300 shirts per hour).


Step 1: Create Your Artwork

The great thing about the T-Jet line of DTG printers is that you can print images created in nearly ANY program! Whether you are a professional using Photoshop or Corel Draw, or a complete beginner using Microsoft Paint, the T-Jet can print your image with ease! Don't have a graphics program you say? Not a problem! Every T-Jet purchase comes with the amazingly powerful Fast Artist graphics program!

Step 2: Print to T-Jet

Once your artwork is ready, just send it to your T-Jet and watch the leader in inkjet-to-garment printers go to work! Within minutes your print will pop out at you on whatever garment you print on.

Step 3: Cure

Once your image has printed, you will want to Heat Set the image to your garment to insure you have an image that will last as long as the item you print it on!

Its that simple!

• Prints on 100% Cotton, 50/50 Blends and even Non-Textiles!
• Print from any graphics application: FastARTIST, Photoshop, CorelDRAW etc.
• The T-Jet 3 is portable and is perfect for events!
• Produce images with detail far superior to screen printing!
• Vibrant image colors, with the best white in the industry!
• Fast Print Times: Light shirts in under 1 minute, Dark in under 3 minutes!
• We provide a 30-day Money Back Guarantee!!!


The Fast T-Jet is superior to screen printing in many ways, and not in others. First of all, you are able to produce small jobs with little pre-print work. There are no screens to set up, no separations to make, and cleanup is a snap! The Fast T-Jet has an almost unlimited color range and a resolution far greater than screen printing can produce. Images on a fast T-Jet will live as long, or outlast, that of a screen print. If you are printing extremely large runs, especially low colors (such as lettering), or need that "Plastisol" look, screen printing may be the better solution. In the end, the method you choose will depend on what you are printing and how many you are making.

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Fast T-Jet 2Fast T-Jet 1

Factory refurbished Fast T-Jet, T-Jet 2 and T-Jet 3's are often available! Here is your chance to own a Fast T-Jet at a fraction of the price! All factory refurbish units are backed by a full 1-year warranty. These units have been fully inspected and cleaned, have been given all new components, and are ready to meet all of your digital garment printing needs! They are shipped with the same accessories a new machine would come with, including ink and software.

Fast T-Jet and T-Jet 2 printers are the workhorse of the DTG industry!With over 3800 in use today, you can't go wrong with a quality pre-owned system! Most refurb units have been upgraded by the previous owners. These upgrades come at no cost to you!

Fast T-Jet & T-Jet 2 can print 12" x 20" images @ 1440 DPI, and can print on tees, caps and more!

All Fast T-Jet printers print White Ink!

Supplies are limited and subject to availability. Please contact us to check our inventory and prices!


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Omni Freejet320TX

Fast T-Jet Blazer Express

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Fast T-Jet Blazer Pro

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Fast T-Jet Blazer Express

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We offer Fast T-Jet Training!

Take your T-Jet printing to the next level! Attend one of our Fast T-Jet training classes! Learn more about the T-Jet and the software that runs it! [ Click Here ]